Nomad Coffee Club
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Nomad Coffee Club at a glance:
Sharing your profession & passion with fellow nomads
What kind of talks do we host?
Anything that our crowd suggests. It mostly falls into these categories:
Remote Work Basics
Online business and entrepreneurship, getting jobs and changing careers, starting up as a nomad
Nomad Life
Travel and work-life balance, productivity and relationships, great lifestyle while excelling with personal and professional growth
Tech Talk
New technologies and knowledge sharing, know-how, cool ideas and implementation
Wisdom sharing
Philosophy, great ideas, new take on stereotypes, mindfulness and sustainable living
Project pitches
Startup launches, new things emerging at our community and beyond, nomad- and non-nomad related
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All Nomad Coffee Club events are free of charge. NCC is a community event brought to you with love by Restation residents & friends.
Headquarters: c/Lucas Fernandez Navarro 32, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain | E-mail: [email protected] | 0034 673-23-80-43