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  1. What's it like living in Las Palmas?
Las Palmas is a very relaxed ocean-side town with a great atmosphere for travellers. Normal business hours are 8-6 Monday through Friday, businesses tend to take a few hours off in the middle of the day. On Sundays the majority of shops are closed. Saturdays and Sundays are always full of local events, from small festivals to live music.
2. Are there many digital nomads in Las Palmas?
There are several meetups per month for digital nomads (a great starting point). Expect to meet other digital nomads at Restation and at our friends' events. We are in the hot spot for remote work, you will never miss company.
3. How big is the city?
The population of Las Palmas is close to 450.000, the city is divided on several areas, and we are right at the beach zone.
4. What area of Las Palmas are you at?
Our zone is Las Canteras beach, a 5-kilometer long promenade and a touristic area. We're far from the very center of Las Canteras and don't have crowds of tourists just here, but the vibes are great.
5. How is the weather in Las Palmas?
Overall, Las Palmas is one of the warmest, sunniest places in Europe to visit during the winter,. The average temperature is 22ºC throughout the year. You will never have to wear a winter jacket in the city, but if you ever decide to go up to the mountains in the winter season be prepared to experience the cold and enjoy the microclimates of the island (down to +5ºC on top of the island during the winter months).
What's the weather like in Gran Canaria year-round
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Canteras beach. As cozy as it is.
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1. What's included?
Comfortable double bed, bed linen, towels and all essentials are provided. You're welcome to use shared spaces - living room, kitchen and mini-office within the coliving.
Access to most events is included in your stay, too.
2. How far is the beach?
The beach is 2 minutes down the road. We have beach umbrellas for you!
3. How big are the rooms?
Each room has a comfy double bed and enough storage space for your luggage. Rooms are different sizes, and most of them are equipped with desks. If you have any special requirements, welcome to contact us and we'll give you more details on which rooms are available for your projected dates.
4. Are showers shared?
In Raymond and Viriato house the bathrooms are shared.
In Miller house we've got several rooms with own bathrooms and showers. At our booking page you can see all the room types.
5. Can I share a room with someone?
We have accommodation for couples, but we don't make you share a room with other folks unless you guys travel together.
6. Are there any supermarkets around?
Yes, just within 30 metres there is a supermarket. You can get anything from pre-cooked food to fruit/veg and essentials there.
7. Is it the coworking space included in the coliving price?
Yes, coworking space is included.
8. Is the Coworking space in the same building as the Coliving?
Restation runs a "coliving campus" that has several coliving spaces and a coworking space within it. It's not in the same building, but all the facilities are within 2 min walk. Very close to each other.
9. Are there any bars, restaurants or leisure activities nearby?
Yes, everything is within walking distance. The Coliving space is located in the best area of Las Palmas where you can find many bars with life music, local restaurants and many activities such as surfing schools, diving, Spanish classes, yoga and many others.
10. Can I work from home?
Yes, Coliving spaces have shared working area with desks. Fast speed WiFi is provided everywhere, too.
11. What are the differences in between your houses?
You can learn more on differences in between our properties here.
Team Stay
Bringing folks on board
  1. What size of teams can you host?
We are open for teams up to 20 people.
2. Can we all work together?
Restation office is made for teams to collaborate and work on joint projects. All the space is yours.
3. Some of our team members are traveling with partners and children. Can you accommodate all of us?
Yes, team accommodation is sorted upon request. We have twins, doubles and family accommodation (studios) for the time of your stay.
4. How child-friendly is the area?
Las Palmas is very child-friendly. There are playgrounds at every corner and if your team needs a babysitter, we can always arrange for one.
5. Meanwhile the core team is working, what kind of entertainment can be provided for partners?
Watersports, shopping, local area tours and many other options are on our list. Get in touch for more details!
6. Can you take care of logistics?
We can arrange your flights, transportation to/from airport and transportation within the island if you decide to go on a group tour.
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  1. Do you have printer and scanner?
Yes, you're welcome to use printer and scanner if you stay with us.
2. How fast is WiFi?
The connection is very fast and is never down. We have a backup line in case there are some interruptions.
WiFi speed test at Restation Coworking, May 2019
3. Is coffee provided?
Tea/coffee station is there at the office and is free of charge.
We also provide some snacks like cookies and muesli in case you need a mood booster. :)
4. Can I store my equipment at the office?
Yes, if you prefer to.
5. Do you have a Skype room?
Yes, we do have a small Skype booth where you can make calls.
6. Do I have any special discounts for being a part of Restation Community?
Yes, you have free access to all of our events (Mastermind, Breakfast Club, The Nomad Coffee Club....) and special discounts for some local services (Surfing lessons, Spanish classes).
You can read more about special benefits here.
Getting there
Adventure or a direct flight?
1. What's the easiest way to get to Las Palmas?
There are direct flights to Las Palmas with RyanAir, EasyJet, Norwegian and other European airlines. Alternatively (if you're feeling adventurous) you can fly to Tenerife and take a ferry.
2. What's the nearest airport?
LPA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is the nearest airport.
3. How long does it take to get from the airport to town?
Las Palmas is within 30 min drive or bus ride from the airport.
4. How much is the ride from the airport?
Taxi from the airport is about 35 EUR (by meter), most taxis accept credit cards. The bus ride is about 3,5 EUR (take the bus to Santa Catalina bus terminal to get to Restation).
5. Can you arrange a pickup service?
Yes, we're happy to do so. Book your private transfer with us online.
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1. Do I need a visa to The Canary Islands?
Gran Canaria is Spanish territory, so if you have EU residency permit or passport, you can enter visa-free. If you are coming from a visa country, make sure you apply for a tourist visa in advance.
2. Can I get a visa invitation from Restation?
You need to confirm your stay to get one, so get in touch as soon as possible!
3. Can I get a working visa if I'm working at Restation?
No, normally our guests are coming with business or tourist visas.
Rules and policies
They're the same for everyone
1. What's the amount of deposit to secure the place?
It's 50% of the total cost of your stay. It's non-refundable, but if you cancel or amend your booking 2 months before coming, we are happy to issue a voucher for the amount you paid. You can use it within a year.
2. Is smoking allowed?
No smoking on property, please, except the rooftop.
3. Are there animals on the property and can I bring mine?
We don't have mascots, but one of our houses - Miller house - is pet-friendly. Your pet has to be potty-trained and leave no trace. Also, you're responsible for any damage caused by your pet.

In case you're allergic to cats/dogs, do indicate it in your booking form and we'll consider that when allocating you. There's plenty of space in the house, so it's normally not an issue.
4. Where can I get more details on cancellation policy and terms?
Here's a link to full T&C, Privacy Policy and reservations conditions at Restation.
5. Can I extend/shorten my stay on arrival?
You are welcome to extend your stay if we've got space, but we don't issue any refunds after check-in.
6. Can I pay only for coliving if I'm not planning to use coworking?
We don't have plans for only coliving. In fact, most of our residents cowork from the houses, so it's a pretty normal way of life at our community.
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1. Is there a kitchen?
Fully-equipped kitchen is there for you at all of our coliving spaces.
Restation coworking has a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and basic tools.
2. Is food included?
Food is not included, but there are many places to go out to around (if you don't prefer cooking) and home delivery service with a diversity of restaurants works until late night.
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1. What time of year can I surf?
Any time! There will be different level of waves at different spots, but we will show you the different spots according to your ability level.
2. How far is the surfing beach?
Minutes walk. Las Palmas has the surf spots just within the city, and if you feel like exploring new places, there are more locations within 15-40 min drive. However, we love our city location. Most of the coworkers at Restation choose to surf at Cicer, that is just in Las Palmas by Canteras beach.
3. How many surf spots are there?
More than 10. Even if you stay for a few months, you will still keep finding new and exciting stuff.
4. Can I bring my own sports equipment?
Sure! If you need space to keep it - we can always sort it out, let us know in advance.
5. I'm new to surfing, but very curious
We can arrange a beginners' class or a course for you. You can stand up on a surf pretty quickly!
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