The Restation Sprint: Launch Your Next Project In 55 Hrs
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What can YOU achieve in 55 hrs?
At The Sprint you can |
We all have great ideas, but there's one thing that differentiates the most successful entrepreneurs from everyone else:
They follow through with their ideas and bring them to life.

But how do you begin?

Sometimes you don't know where to start.
Other times you don't have enough experience to get your project going.

All the how, what, where, when questions can quickly derail your motivation and leave you feeling paralysed - unable to make a start

And that's where the Restation: Sprint comes in...

Imagine getting a month's worth of work done in just 55 hours.

Imagine blasting through any mental barriers and simply getting down to work; no distractions, no confusion, just a supportive environment and a program designed to help you get sh*t done!

The Sprint format has evolved over time and many iterations. We've refined the program to help you succeed in a matter of days.

It could bring you another income stream.

It could open new opportunities.

It could change your life.

The next Spring takes place on October, 9 and YOU'RE invited.
The Sprint
What can you DO in 55 Hours?
---> Launch a consulting company
---> Write and publish your e-book
---> Create a digital product
---> Launch a course
---> Build an app
---> Secure first paying customers for your business
---> Launch an e-commerce site
The Sprint helped me to realize the true capacity of my productivity and exposed me to the weaknesses I was dealing with by trying to multi-task and saying yes to distractions. Now every week I think to myself "If I can write and publish a book in three days, I can certainly tackle my to-do list!"
AJ Marino
Social Media Expert
9-11 October
55 hours of productive work with people like you.
The Sprint is an regular event at Restation that brings together online entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups.

We provide the framework and structure to help you succeed, supported by experienced mentors and coaches.

For 55 hours you'll focus on one big project, something most people would take a month to complete.

The key is to focus, SPRINT and reach your goal.
No matter what you do, you definitely have this one idea that you never had time for: to write a book, remake your website, develop a prototype or create a new product...

All Sprint projects are business-related, and each one could radically change the course of your business. Typically, the impact can be measured in revenue, customer engagement or impact.
We've done 6 editions of The Sprint
Every time entrepreneurs like you finish with amazing outcomes.
Can you beat them and make an even bigger impact?
My goal for Sprint was to write emails for my webinar and coaching funnel. I had about 16 email to write, set it all up, set up a calendar for my coaching calls.
I completed everything. 100%.
Anna Rova
Founder at Girlskill Podcast
The feedback during Sprint was incredibly valuable. The insights were packed with solid professional and entrepreneurial experience - a rarity on a little Spanish island!
Samuel J.
Business Consultant
If you want to get things done and do it with outside perspective, Sprint will really really help you.
Sarah Case
Freelance IT consultant
When I started, I had nothing implemented, but the idea. I decided to start my own Facebook advertising course to sell for passive income. I was able to secure the sales page, write all the copy and get the graphics finished.
Chelse Hensley
Owner at Recharge Digital Marketing
I started from scratch. My goal was to create a workshop on negotiation strategy. I started with remaking my website, then setting up a page and then developing materials for the workshop.
By the end of the Sprint the event was up and people were signing up to it!
Janet Alexandersson
Lawyer and founder at Alexandersson Law
Sprint is a great environment to channel your idea and GET SHIT DONE!
Highly recommended!
Alex N.
Serial entrepreneur
Explore The Sprint projects
Watch the video to get an idea what our residents are working on!
What makes The Restation Sprint special?
Accountability Group
For the 55 hours you work with a group of other participants who are as dedicated and result-driven as you
Peer support
With the help of collaboration techniques we make sure we learn from each other during the course of The Sprint
Deadlines drive actions and the entire Sprint program is designed to get you working and keep moving forward. You'll be reporting on your progress every day until you hit your goals.
Peer pressure
We all help each other, but we also push each other to achieve more. You'll find simply working alongside other Sprinters is a motivating experience.
Follow up
Scheduled follow-up after the Sprint to help you cement your victory and take your project to the next level...
Mentoring & Coaching
Restation was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and, in addition to our guest coaches and mentors, where here to help and support you during your 55hr Sprint.
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START: 9 OCTOBER 2018 (8:30 AM CET)

FINISH: 11 OCTOBER 2018 (15:30 CET)
Participation fees
Your investment includes all of this:
  • Full event program
  • Participants' kit and a workbook
  • Unlimited refreshments during the event
  • Coaches to give you feedback
  • High-energy sprint
  • Showcase your project at our podcast
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Restation Resident
  • Full event program
  • Participants' kit and a workbook
  • Unlimited refreshments during the event
  • Coaches to give you feedback
  • High-energy sprint
  • Showcase your project at our podcast
  • Special discount for residents of Restation Coworking or Coliving
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  • Full event program
  • Participants' kit and a workbook
  • Unlimited refreshments during the event
  • Coaches to give you feedback
  • High-energy sprint
  • Showcase your project at our podcast
  • +2 private coaching sessions (EUR 250 value per session)
  • + Access to Restation Coworking for 1 month (EUR 150 value)
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I think the things that surprised me the most was the power of focused energy towards a single project. I feel it allowed us to iterate much more quickly in a shorter amount of time. The value of the feedback also impressed me. All of the participants brought solid professional expertise that helped us get a better sense of how the market would perceive our offering and what direction to take our business. I was pleasantly surprised at how much effort went in to everyone's projects throughout the week. The serious participation really drove us to make impactful progress. I think with any entrepreneurial venture, facing the unknown and just taking the next step is the most important thing. Focus 55 allowed us to take several of those steps quickly and really jump-start our project.
Brooks G., Partner at AB Consulting
The best was the feeling of the team. Everyone was interested in what others were doing and was able to give feedback and encouragement.
Joe S. author and publisher
Working in a team, having accountability and team spirit is priceless. Accomplishing something BIG in such a short period of time that otherwise would have taken 4 weeks or more.
Eric D, developer