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We're Maria and Myriam,
your hosts at Restation.
We run the spaces to make you feel at home and to make sure your coliving experience brings amazing connections, friendships and memories.

Welcome home!
Our mission
The future of work and new way of live
Restation's mission os to make the world fit for remote work. We're creating infrastructure and community in lifestyle destinations, such as Gran Canaria.

We do believe that big cities is not the only place where you can make it happen, hence we bring a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, game-changers and professionals together in alternative hubs.
How Restation was born
One space at a time
Restation first opened its' doors in October 2016. It all started with an idea: after Maria graduated from IE business school, she pinned location on the world map and packed a suitcase. As a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned nomad, she had a vision of a business hub under the sun and an amazing community of like-minded people. That's what it is.

Since then, the community multiplied and so did the spaces. By 2018 we're running a coworking space and 3 coliving houses, each one with its' vibe.
Why Restation

Maria Sirotkina
In a few years' time, each noteworthy location on the map will have its' own coliving space.
The way we live is changing and it's amazing to be a part of this movement. Restation is best for location independent entrepreneurs, startup teams and remote workers. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, German, some French and Arabic, but in the end of the day what matters - is your great attitude!
Community is the best thing we have! Come join, and it will be even better.

Community Manager
What we believe in
Entrepreneurship, make-it-happen attitude and great lifestyle
+34 673 238 043
Headquarters: c/Lucas Fernandez Navarro 32, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain | E-mail: | 0034 673-23-80-43