ShipTreats = Ship your Team to an great location and get it done
Making good teams great
Professional community
Restation is a comunity of tech entrepreneurs, digital nomads and creatives. We've built the environment where we're all learning from each others, and your team will get access to our amazing sharing culture.
One-stop-shop for accommodation, office space, experience, fun activites and professional retreat organization.
Great location
Urban beach, sun all year round and great life quality - all of it inspires!
In addition to that, affordable direct flights to over 60 European airports!
Creative minds need to change the environment to be productive - and that's exactly what we suggest.

We're great at selecting unique activities for you and wrapping them to create an experience to help you celebrate success, remunerate the best team members and make the year memorable.
Retreats reimagined
Starting with an idea, we make a tailor-made solution for any size of the team and any business. We'll get you a set of topics to choose from, count with your team experience and preferences and make sure the result is best.

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Team retreats your way

From idea to the best memories ever, we join forces to make your team happy.
Put your team on a surf board and create a new thrilling wave of team spirit in your office. We have the boards, wetsuits and can give you a friendly push in the back to make sure you go ahead. After the wave experience we'll take you back to town for some nutritional recovery.

SurfTreats are ReStation special that fit so well with any backgrounds.
Food unites. Good food unites better. Great food unites, makes happy and doesn't make you fat. We have tried it all and will take you on a GastroTreat around the area, teach you how to cook the best of what you try and make sure you bring home the secret ingredient.
The space is yours - feel free to keep business as usual, but with a lifestyle twist. Your lunchtime can be set every time in an entirely different environment, and after you are done with the routine we'll show you the best of the location, take you on a short trip or a barbecue outside.

Sunset view is included!
Work, play and get more productive together
  • Play board games
  • Do a brainstorming session in an alternative conference room
  • Have a pizza night
  • Go out on a pub crawl
  • Host a movie night with your team
  • Run a hackathlone or team contests
  • Make a picnic day on the beach
  • Play sports outdoors - from volleyball and basketball to mini-golf and frisbee
  • Go for a shopping marathon in the mall within driving distance
  • Hike a mountain together
  • Cook a meal and break a bread at team dinner
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Learning by doing is the best learning
Workshops at ReStation
We believe in rolling up the sleeves. Build your next product or service prototype, design the process with your team or perfect it.

Design thinking
Reimagine the way you work on a project. It's fun - and what's most important, rewarding!
Service and process design
Start from the customer perspective and create a service that is exceeding expectations
Team building
Even the teams that worked together for ages need a refresher
How can we help your business?
Team stay
Is a perfect way to finally get to work together if you're working from remote office on a daily basis. We provide environment where you can work, learn and play together for as long as you wish.
Time to get together
Accommodation on-site with shared kitchen. Welcome to share breakfast, lunch and dinner with the rest of the facility inhabitants, go out and enjoy local food or reserve a private space within our facility to take advantage of lunch break.

Facilities available to teams include shared or private office - depending on your preference - equipment for presentations - LCD screens, projectors, printers, scanners and comfy chairs.

We're with you when you need us. A designated staff member is there to answer your questions and be your guide during your journey. We can arrange the fun part of your trip: make the itinerary and facilitate all the bookings for you.

Whatever your trip is about - workations or a fun get-together - we have it covered.
Teams we've hosted
Location independent and traditional teams.
We all share love to our projects and great life.
My stay at ReStation was awesome! The site is located just 2 blocks from the water, so this is an added bonus for a work + life trip. I highly recommend ReStation for an individual, couple, or small team!
P.S. The internet is fantastic :)
Cammy Smith
Revive Consulting
We've worked with Maria from ReStation on other projects before, but ReStation is her best. We had great time.

Great organization. Professional attitude.
Natalia Shvyrkalina
DHL Russia
Business development
Places like Restation change the way you go about project work. The core of our team has very thought-intense work, and from time to time we need to change the environment. For example, by coming to ReStation.
Alex Kazakov
Let your business thrive and make connections for the future
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