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Teambuilding and design thinking blended
Febuary, 3 2017
Case Study: Design Thinking Day
Retreats is a great chance to learn something new with your team and achieve goals you didn't have time to work on before.

With this case study we're taking an example of a team of 26 guys and girls from all over Europe that came to Las Palmas for an intensive winter course. The non-typical team retreat for them combined work in the mornings, travel on the weekends and exploring and bonding in the afternoon.
Group Size: 26
Nationalities: 22
Facilitators: 3
Duration: 2,5 hours
Location: Las Palmas
(Gran Canaria, Spain)
Who's that for
For this half-day excersise we partnered with BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) and Intrahouse, innovative mobile solutions provider, on a Winter Course where BEST group were to design a solution to tourism challenges. Our part was simple: set the stage for innovation, unlock potential for creativity and show how to think differently.

Since the group was to work independently for the 10 days to come, we decided to show them design thinking techniques that they can implement in the process. And that's how it worked.
Hands-on problem solving: going low-tech!
Restation Design Thinking challenge for in 150 minutes: 103 ideas, 13 completed prototypes
Improve souvenir shopping experience for your partner.

The topic in this case was picked by us: we chose something related with the goal of the course - challenges of tourism - but at the same time familiar to all participants. Everyone in the group surely has experience of buying and chosing souvenirs, and surely can empathize with her partner.
At the same time, souvenirs is the topic that leaves space for personal stories - funny, ridiculous and interesting.
How can Restation help you meet your goals
It made me realize that there might be some creative ideas that can help with optimizing processes
Juri S.
Learning by doing and experimenting

Really, design thinking is a very practical approach to any business problem. You can talk about it forever, but you really get to understand it when you try it yourself. So that's what we did.

Design thinking process is split on 5 parts: empathizing with the client, defining the needs, ideating - creating a rain of ideas, testing the ideas with the customer and prototyping.

Within 2 hours we went through all the stages to create a meaningful experience for each workshop participant
We work outdoors for the brainstorming part and indoors for building prototypes.
Change of environment moves ideas forward.
I really liked facilitators who were giving instructions all the time, attitudes, smile and great atmosphere.
I love the idea of structuring mind process and that there are guidelines to follow. Every thought is not lost.
Aleksandra R.
Teambuilding = creative teamwork
In case of BEST group, we ahieved three things at a time: learning what is design thinking, creating a prototype of the project and building trust within the team.
Setting up the group goals, we kept in mind that bonding is the key thing. However we decided to shift the focus from the typical ice-breaking excercises towards creative work together.
That's pretty simple. In a team that hasn't met before (and that's the case of remote teams that we see frequently at ReStation), productive work together creates stronger bonds than trust-building games. And of course, another upside of teamwork is that you get to create something along the way.
In case of BEST group, we ahieved three things at a time: learning what is design thinking, creating a prototype of the project and building trust within the team.
Why follow-up matters?
After the workshop we sent through infographics with design thinking steps and methodology: a go-to guide that is great for practical implementation.
Any time the team wants to remind themselves on the process, they can have it refreshed.
So why follow-up matters: we're learning something great for life. The key takeaway of the workshop was the set of learning on talking to the customer, getting feedback and rapid prototyping. Having done this once, you can always repeat.
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