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Vegan in Las Palmas
How to survive in Las Palmas as a vegan
Sara - Vegan Location Manager at Restation
I made sure to try this places more than once to be 100% sure that they were good, not because I love food.
As more and more people are moving to a vegan life style due to moral or environmental reasons more places are offering vegan options in their menus. This makes life so much easier for vegans while traveling.
We have created this post to help vegans and vegan food lovers find the best vegan places of the island.
There seems to be a lot of different ways to understand the vegan movement but the ofical definition is:
"Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."
This might seem like a challenge and even more when you are in an unknown country. But we are here to not only make it easy for you to find vegan options but also to show you the best places in Las Palmas!

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal"
As food is very connected with places and its culture we wanted to start this blog with two very typical vegan options that you can find all around the island:

Papas arrugadas con mojo is one of the most typical dishes of the island. It is just small potatoes boiled in very salty water served with a sauce made out of olive oil, paprika, garlic and salt. It is very convenient when you go out because you always know that, at least, there will be something vegan.

Gofio is also very famous. More than a dish is an ingredient, toasted corn flour. They usually add it to soups, vegetables cream or other spoon dishes.

Lets move to restaurants now. One could think that being in a small island in the Atlantic Ocean there wouldn't be many vegan options but nothing further from the truth! Keep reading to discover the best vegan places of the city!

  • La Hierba Luisa: 100% vegan restaurant in the old town of Las Palmas (Mendizabal street 39). They have elaborated food such as carbonara pasta, ceviche, seitan milanese or risotto. The average price for a meal with drink and dessert is 20-25€
  • La Dulce Boutique: this is the only 100% raw vegan food restaurant in the island and it's amazing! It's looked very close to Las Canteras in Calle Bernardo de la Torre, 66. They have sweet and salty options as well as smoothies, teas and coffee. Even better than the food are the people working there. The average price for one salty thing plus something sweet for dessert would be 12€. They also have an space where they sell local handmade things such as cosmetics and bags.
  • Bioloco: 100% vegan place located near Las Canteras Beach (Alfredo L. Jones street 33). In the menu they have a big variety of burgers, salads and cakes. The average price for a meal with drink and desserts is around 10€ and the portions are big and filling.
  • LaLola VeganMarket: 100% vegan bakery in the old part of Las Palmas (Perojo street 36) with freshly baked cakes, donuts and other sweets. They also serve coffee and smoothies. In addition to the bakery you can find a small shop with vegan products. The average price for a piece of cake plus a coffee is 6€. The same family owns a bar in Telde ( León y Castillo street, 88). This other establishment is not fully vegan but they have a lot of salty vegan options such as starters, burgers, sandwiches, rolls and toast.
  • Casa Ari: indonesian restaurant with a lot of vegan-friendly options located close to Las Canteras Beach (Veinticuatro de Abril street, 43). In their menu you can find different rice and noodles dishes, curry or stir fried vegetables. The waiter is very attentive with vegan options. If you visit this place make sure to ask for the student menu as it's way cheaper (around 6-8€) and the best thing is that you don't need to be a student to get it! The food is really tasty and the portions are huge.
  • Naturalis Beach Bar: vegan-friendly bar right on the beach (Numancia street 31). They have a menu for 15€ that includes first, second and dessert and they change it from time to time. On top of that they always have burgers and wraps for around 7€.
  • La Casa Roja: pizzeria in Las Canteras Beach. They have different types of vegan cheese to add to your pizza plus a lot of vegan pasta dishes and some dessert. The average price for a meal with drinks would be around 12€.
  • H! Burger: Located in Calle Ruiz de Alda, 25, this burger place has 6 different types of vegan burgers, violife cheese and a lot of vegan sauces for your fries! The average price for one burger with fries and a drink is 10€

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What about take-away food? This island is full of remoted places where a picnic sounds like a great option! Because sometimes there is not time to plan, we bring you some of the best places to go for take-away food.
Apart from the restaurants mentioned above, as most of them also have a take-away option, you could visit:
  • Paladares: vegan home-made food (Secretario Padilla 62)
  • Layeyita: home-made dishes. You have the option to buy single dishes or a 10 items menu for 27€. (Tomas Miller street, 47-49)
  • WaiWai: vegan-friendly poke restaurant ( paseo de Las Canteras 70). You can either make your own poke bowl, a veggie burger (be careful! Order it without the yogurt sauce!!) or a salad.
Now lets talk about serious stuff, ICE-CREAM!
Finding good ice-cream as a vegan can be a mission but not here in the forever spring island.
  • Helamore: big variety of vegan-friendly ice-cream flavours such as chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut (Triana Street)
  • Pliza 21: vegan-friendly ice-cream options. They have a lot of fruit flavor plus two types of chocolate and hazelnut. The view to Las Canteras is very amazing too. (Paseo de las Canteras 77).
  • Gelateria Naturale Come Mi Gira?: artesanal vegan-friendly ice-cream place. It's a small place but the quality is really good (Pje. de Francia, 8)
All of them have vegan ice-cream cone.
Moving to a different type of places now. We wanted to recommend you some good places to buy vegan products.

  • La Zanahoria: organic vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts in bulk, animal products substitutes and other specific products hard to find in normal supermarkets (Luis Doreste Silva 79 and Galicia street 19)
  • SPAR Natural: stepping into Spar natural feels like stepping into vegan heaven... In this eco supermarket you can find a huge variety of cool products from nut butters, to beans, pastas, chocolates, yogurts, etc (Juan Manuel Durán González street, 6)
Big supermarkets such us Hiperdino, Mercadona, El Corte Inglés, Lidl and Carrefour also have an offer in vegan products such as yogurt, vegetables drinks, meat substitutes, ice-cream, frozen ready made foods, hummus, guacamole and many more. Some times they also have more competitive prices.
Veganism is not a diet and it's not only related with food. In this upcoming part we will talk about some vegan-friendly shops where you can find clothing, household products, toiletries and cosmetics:
  • Joanna & CO: natural products shop with a lot of vegan options from food, cosmetics and products for those that want to reduce their plastic use, among others (Veintinueve de abril 67).
  • Back to green: Sustainable and ethical fashion (Cano street 23)
  • Goccia Verde: great place if you want to reduce your use of plastic while buying vegan. They have household products, cosmetics, soaps and shampoos. Most of the products you can buy in bulk or they come solid without plastic.
  • Buena cosecha: they are known for having the best solid champoo in the city (i can't say because every time i try to buy it they have run out of them...). They mostly have soap, bath salts, but also vegan recepies books, yoga stuff and a lot of other cute things. They have two stores, one in Telde and one in Las Palmas, Luis Morote 3.
Last but not least there are a couple of vegan events going on but they are mostly happening spontaneously. Websites such as Facebook or Meetup can be a good tool to check what's going on during your time in the island.

If you are interested in vegan activism there is a very active Anonymous group that you could join and a 269 group that organizes food tasting events to raise money for animal santuaries.

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