July 13 - 20
August 10 - 17


  • The most productive 100 hours in your life
  • Grow your business or launch a new project
  • Meet your tribe
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Do you have in mind this ONE project that could CHANGE your life if you completed it?
The problem is...you can't get started!
There's always something on the way: not enough time, no space to concentrate and your routine always distracts you!

Your product landing page, optimization of your sales funnel or redesigning your personal website -
any of these changes can grow your business dramatically, if only you had a few days to dedicate to this one project.
If you've got an idea of a startup project or a business in mind,
in just 4 days you can test if this is a right business for you, create a prototype or even secure your first clients.

We create space, environment and community of like-minded people where all long-postponed projects come to life.
Only two camps this summer.
5 reasons to join
Connect with like-minded digital entrepreneurs and an accountability group that will always support you
Cowork, colive and break the bread with fellow Camp participants. Join daily activities or suggest your own ones. Get workation experience that you won't forget.
Get it DONE in 100 hours!
Finish this one project you've been putting off forever or start something completely new by investing 100 hours of work.
Expert help
If you're starting something new, our community of experts is there for you to provide guidance. E-commerce or SaaS, funnels or self-publishing, we have it all covered within our extended community.
What can you make in 100 hours?
Build an online business. Create a passive income stream. Publish a book.
Startup MVP
If you've been thinking of this one business idea forever, time to build a prototype and test it with real clients
Project landing page
That one resource that will help you attract more clients or tell the world about your project
First clients
Your product or service has been waiting for this one push to start bringing money - make a strong marketing push and attract leads, aiming at converting them into real clients
Check out previous participants' achievements!
We work on |
Full of networking, exploration and productive work
8 days. 7 nights.
100 hours
100 hours to make the most out of your project
1 project
Focus on One Big Thing and complete something you've been putting away forever.
Give yourself a chance to finish this ONE thing and
feel GREAT about doing that.

Build something from scratch with the support of an amazing community.

100 hours can really change your life.
Upcoming camp
July 13 - July 20

Productivity Camp is the space to bring your project to life!
Productivity camp is productive in all senses. Productive work & fun, both! :D
Camp highlights
Awesome activities blended with productive work
Come up and share one of your best skills. Get the knowledge and the expertise of others.
100 Hours
Key event of the Productivity Camp is 100-hour long hackathon where each one of us works exclusively on his project aiming at reaching the goal that was set in the start of the 100 Hours.
Our experts
Two groups of experts - consultants and practitioners - are there to help you make your project real
Top-class developers delivering amazing value to clients like NHS, Barclays and Olympics.
Our world-class technical support, guiding us on prototyping, Wordpress and rapid testing.
Chelse Hensley
Chelse is Social Media Marketing specialist who helps businesses electrify their online community through hyper-targeted advertising and engaging content.
Janet Alexandersson
Lawyer at StartupLegally
Swedish business lawyer with over 10 years experience working with startups and freelancers both in the EU, North America and Australia.
Areas of expertise: Startup Law, Contract Law and Legal Theory
Natasha Stanley
Career coach and business trainer
Business trainer and facilitator, Natasha is the right person to go to if you're in between careers, jobs or projects.
watch the video and get inspired
Tropical island
Gran Canaria is a continent on one island: mountains, cozy villages and golden beaches with a nice blend of high-end facilities
ReStation home: Gran Canaria
The island from birds'-eye view
Our packages
Early bird rates until March, 30
  • Activities
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Camp participation
  • Bottomless coffee
  • Toolkit to take home
  • No accommodation
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  • Activities
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Camp participation
  • Bottomless coffee
  • Toolkit to take home
  • Single room accommodation
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  • Activities
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Camp participation
  • Bottomless coffee
  • Toolkit to take home
  • Single room accommodation
  • 3 private mentoring sessions with our experts
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Our folks love us
And the feeling is mutual!
The space has a great energy for getting lots of work done and the community here is a lot of fun and very supportive. I highly recommend ReStation!
Tim Tarango
TGT Investment Group
Restation spices things up! The owner Maria is awesome. She has a great talent for picking the right people and putting them together for personal and professional growth. Restation is a productivity corner. Bouncing ideas around, getting constructive feedback and doing a surf in between makes it a one-of-a-kind.
Niels van den Bergh
Head of Growth at Growth Mechanics
When you are at ReStation you can be sure that you will be around people and make new friends very quickly and easily! Also the CoLiving is decorated with lots of love, which you can feel in every little detail!
Nives Kocht
Paleo coach at Nives Kocht
Great spot with cool people and a really positive vibe.
Niall Doherty
I love how dedicated ReStation Team are to building a community at Restation, thank you!
Nicole Elizabeth
Blogger at Unsettled Down
Couldn't have asked for a better space to start my remote career!
Marie Starck
Software developer @ Sendwithus
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