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May, 10 2019
Islanders: Sam Chillcott
From the first moment Sam landed at Restation he has been a key member of the community. He has given talks at Nomad Coffee Club, hosted multiple workshops for the community and he's a frequent attendee to all our events.

He arrived without expecting to stay for too long but he fell in love with this incredible island, the weather, the people and their way of living. Now he has been here for over a year and counting, and we couldn't be happier!
As a transformational life coach, Sam has his own company and wants to help people take some control over their lives, be proactive, challenge themselves.
A friend of mine said when I first met her "You'll stay here". At the time, I laughed. Less than a year on, she was right.
Sam Chillcott
Productivity coach
I'm Sam from England and I am a Productivity Coach. I work predominantly online using Zoom and have clients dotted around the globe.
How did you start the journey as a digital nomad? How did you change your career and what did you do before?
Back in 2013 I was working for Chemical UK in Bristol in charge of the DJ equipment and was feeling I wanted to travel more - I had the money but not the time. I was made redundant a few weeks later so suddenly had the freedom to travel. My journey to find my Ikigai / dream job took me from Drum & Bass music production (while house sitting around the UK), Photography, NGO Logistics in Ecuador and finally on to coaching where I trained with Animas in 2017.
I remember seeing an image of a laptop on a beach way back in 2013 and came across the term digital nomad thinking that it would be a cool thing to do but kind of forgot the idea as I didn't have a location independent career at the time. Once I discovered coaching could be done online (I originally assumed it would have to be done in person), I realised my vision of being footloose could become reality.

3 first steps on how to get started (for those who want to)
  • Speak to those already doing it - get some ideas on what you could do for work and what the realities of travel and work are like. It's not all laptops and cocktails. There are plenty of FB groups worldwide you can tap into if you don't know anyone locally.
  • Start small - If you are learning a new skill then just get the experience/build your references/portfolio. Even start doing it on the side of your current job then slowly transition into being fully location independent. Or if you want to keep doing the same work, ask your boss about the possibility of going remote. There are lots of studies on the benefits to the company and you that you can use as evidence.
  • Do a trial run for a short time - see if you can survive technologically, financially, physically and emotionally as a digital nomad.
The best advice you can give anyone who's getting started?
Be patient. Building a business/starting a new career/moving to remote work takes time. Whatever you do, managing your own time and energy is vital without a boss looking over your shoulder.

What's your next big thing?
Personal - Travel more of Africa. I'm grateful to have visited 68 countries so far but have a lot to explore in terms of the continent and my lack of knowledge and experience means it is out of my comfort zone.
Professional - Creating a project management style workflow/software for my clients and I to set and track their BHAGs. I'm also looking into becoming a speaker at events and conferences around Europe. So, combining my love for travel and community.
When you choose a destination to spend the next few months, what are your major criteria?
  1. Community - I think having a good (digital nomad) community is a factor for me. I realised during my time here in LPA that being around like-minded people makes the experience so much better.
  2. Weather - I don't enjoy being cold.
  3. City Vibe - I enjoy urban environments so enjoy things to do, finding local beers and modern architecture
What's your take on Las Palmas? What do you like about it?
I absolutely love it here in LPA. My plan was to only come here for a few months as an experiment and then move back to Medellin Colombia where I was previously. A friend of mine said when I first met her "You'll stay here". At the time, I laughed. Less than a year on, she was right.

For me it ticks all my boxes. Amazing weather year round, big enough that there is plenty going on but not too big it's crazy, digital nomad community, close to home and Europe and it's pretty safe here.

Beach and amazing weather
Biggest challenge you had to face?
In terms of being a digital nomad, one of the biggest challenges is saying no to people and events when you have work to do. The downside of being part of such a fun community is that there are always distractions so the challenge is finding the balance between work and play.
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