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October, 05 2016
Islanders: Olia Zayarova
Olia lives in downtown Las Palmas. You can spot her window from far: there's a friendly green yoga mat hanging on the balcony. Olia knows everything about Fitness and Diet: she is the one touring local market in search for the freshest and the healthiest foods.

Olia's nomadic yoga studio has been to many parts of the world, meeting old and new clients in the best locations.

Now she runs several online projects at the same time, incorporating new knowledge she gets on the go to her work.
I love my "big little things" that become part of my day, like morning yoga, home cooking and walking/jogging/swimming during the day. They are essential for me to feel great and be productive!
Olia Zayarova
WakeUp Studio
Life is worth staying awake for, searching and living the way you feel
I know a lot about…
Fitness&Diet, Ayurveda, personal development

I need help with…
Time management and finding more balance between "focus" & "relax"

Secret superpower
My time with myself & my practice

Remember without effort
My purpose (sometimes it takes time updating it)

If I had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, I would you teach...
I would talk with this someone

I most admire...
Courage and passion and people in their difference
Show me more!
— What brought you to the Canary?
— Fresh air, reliable Internet connection, clean ocean and friend's advice:)
— For you personally - what was the coolest thing about living in the Islands?
— The feeling of being surrounded by the ocean. Life is worth staying awake for, searching, creating and living it the way you feel.
— What projects do you work on now?
— There are a few at the same time: my home fitness&detox studio, Ayurvedic consultations&treatments and English4me - English classes via Skype
— How did you get to start working remotely?
— It happened naturally. I have always been interested in personal development including speaking multiple languages which is one of the essential skills for many of us. In 2010, when I was a 4th year student of Lomonosov Moscow State University, I won a scholarship to study at the languages department at the University of Tampere, Finland. By that time I had set up the company from scratch and had already obtained another degree in linguistics at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and so when I moved to Finland was about to be launched.

We managed to build a great team of strong professionals. Every teacher offers their own unique experience and approach. All our teachers are native speakers of English. All our classes are student-centred and informal. Students and teachers meet using Skype in their own comfortable setting and at a convenient time.
"English4me" is our answer to students who are looking for effective online classes.

"Fitness&Detox" has always been with me, inside me) I studied choreography&nutrition in Russia and completed Gyrokinesis teacher training course with Leda Franklin in her home studio in the UK (I was based there for several years after I graduated from UTA and MSU). Since then doors of my home studios has been open for online and offline guests. I'm mainly a practitioner, I do my practice, follow my diet, experiment, meet like-minded people and I'm happy that my experience can be helpful to others. My classes in Moscow were called WakeUp classes, so my home studio got its name

Ayurveda - last winter I spent in Sri Lanka and met a talented Ayurvedic doctor, my teacher and dear friend Nishan, was created.
There is a little poem I could share:
Serious dresses, serious faces,
Serious people playing serious games;
Laughing and smiling on the parallel levels
Different people create those games;
Do you want to create or prefer to be a player?
There is always your place on your chosen level.
I wrote it at Costa Coffee departures, Heathrow airport, in winter 2007 (about 9 years ago), waiting for my flight, it was the way I expressed for myself my understanding of the idea of choice in every single moment and responsibility to choose with love, passion and courage, so this little poem has been following me as a background of my life since then)
—What are the three items you always bring with you when you travel?
— Passport, purse and iphone+macbook
— What's the craziest story that has ever happened to you when you were traveling?
— I met my boyfriend.
— What's your inspiration when you don't feel motivated to do anything?
— Hiding out at home and creating something new or practicing my yoga are probably my favorite activities in the world these days! Next one is discovering the world around.
— You work from home - do you have any established routine and what is it?
— I love my "big little things" that become part of my day, like morning yoga, home cooking and walking/jogging/swimming during the day)) they are essential for me to feel great and be productive!
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