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April, 29 2017
Achieve your goals while work and travel
Launching a new business? Are you struggling during the transition?

Monika Mundell is a kick-ass copywriter, business coach & strategist for businesswomen.

Let's discover the tools & tips she shared with us.
I work with women in business who want to position themselves as the expert in their industry
Monika Mundell
Copywriter & Business coach
— Can you please introduce yourself and give us more details about what you do?
— My name is Monika Mundell, I'm a swiss born Australian, I have been a digital nomad for 3 years and I work with women in business who want to position themselves as the expert in their industry.

I help them with their messaging in their marketing and also their mindset because a lot of women are struggling, they haven't the self-confidence to show up and they're questioning whether they're good enough.

So I help them positioning themselves with the copy, messaging and help them with the strategy based on their goals.
What impact does it have to work while traveling, would you consider yourself as a digital nomad or a remote worker?
— I'm definitely a digital nomad because I'm not employed by any company.

It's such a challenge to work, travel and stay productive. What I noticed is that I can't work when I'm in transition from one place to the other, and sometimes you see these digital nomads blogging from the airport while waiting for their flight or in the airplane. I can't do that, I've tried it and it just doesn't work for me because I want to experience the actual journey; going from A to B is really important.

For me, the biggest challenge is the transition but then when I get to a new place I need to have a very fast internet so my biggest challenge is to get connected when I'm in a new place but then I have no problem getting productive.

My first priority is always the business because if I don't have a business I can't travel so I made it clear since the very beginning. I might be in beautiful beach or resort but every day I focus on what is my goal for the day to help me achieving my goal for the week and then for the month to finally do that work.
so I have to be very strategic around that.

But I get lots of play time, I really make an effort to everyday have fun and also to see a little bit of the environment and meet people.
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— What are your productivity tools, can you please share with us the main tools you're using to make sure you're achieving your goal when you start a new project?
— The main productivity tool is definitely my mindset but if you're looking for tools:

I love working with Gmail, it brings all the different email accounts into my inbox and streamline it so I don't get bombarded by marketing emails everyday.

I use Dropbox to store my files, I just use it all the time. I don't have to worry about my Mac dying for storage anymore.

I also use Google Drive a lot, it's so useful when I write copy for a client I just have to set it up on Google Drive so when I show the draft to my client we can both work with that.She can give me feedback and we can both work on it.
Because I'm on Mac and a lot of my clients are on Pc, the file conversion is a nightmare so Google Drive sort of eliminate that for us.

I'm a creative person so if I don't have a book or a physical paper dairy then I'm not connecting with my goals and that's why I have a moleskine diary.

I'm actually using the bullet journal system. It makes me happy just to fill in up my journal, taking off the to-do's give you such a sense of accomplishment.
Forget about all the «I'm not good enough, I'm not ready» because we are good enough !
— Since you're running a coaching business, what are the main fears shared by those who want to launch a business ?
— The biggest thing that comes is the fear of showing up, the fear of making themselves look silly, not being perfect, so many women try to be perfect so they just work on their stuff forever but forever in secret and they never share their creation because they think it's not good enough.

For some of them, they also have the feeling of a huge imposture, I know that because I've struggled with all of these and occasionally I still do but then I remind myself that if I don't show up then my clients will continue to struggle because for all of us we have an ideal client and our ideal clients are waiting for us to show up, I truly believe that.

We attract like-minded people to work with us so forget about all the « I'm not good enough, I'm not ready » because we are good enough!

We just have to show up every day.
About the 55hours workathon: "You have this pool of experts in a room that you can just reach out and connect with. It saves you weeks or months".
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— Monika, you also took part in the Focus 55hours marathon. Can you please describe your experience and share with us your main takeaway?
— Yes, that experience was amazing. I loved it. I'm usually working from home so my biggest issue has been loneliness, no connecting for real with other business owners because we are moving every 3 to 6 months so It's really hard to connect with people who live in a city unless you go to a coworking space like Restation.

The biggest takeaway was : the connection with other digital nomads, to connect with them and ask for help, to take but also to give, I think it's important and to see that we're really all in the same situation no matter where we have been into the business, 10 years, 1 year, 1 month we're all struggling with the same questions, the same dreams, what we want to achieve so hanging out with like-minded people is actually very empowering because you just get that input from all the like-minded people and that helps lift you up.

It's a huge learning as well, you have this pool of expert in a room that you can just reach out and connect with. It saves you weeks or months.
Monika Mundell
Monika Mundell is a swiss born Australian, a digital nomad and works with women in business who want to position themselves as the expert in their industry.
Photocredits: Monika Mundell
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