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August, 8 2016
Islanders: Jason Kempshall
One of the greatest things about the Canary is the great people they bring together that happen to live here and work remotely. Jason is a dedicated bodyboarder and the author of WeBodyboard, worlds' coolest portal for and about bodyboarders. He lives in Las Palmas catching the waves and delivering fresh bodyboarding news straight to the desktops.
The coolest thing about living in Las Palmas is that it's a big city right on the beach and only a short walk to more natural areas like Isleta.

Jason Kempshall
WeBodyboard Founder
I know a lot about…
Bodyboarding, the ocean and weather patterns

I need help with…
Design, languages!

Secret superpower
No matter how drunk i get i can always get home… somehow.

Backup career
Web development

Remember without effort
The first half of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe / Most of the lore from Game of Thrones.

If I had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, I would you teach...
How to deal with a wipeout underwater.

I most admire...
My girlfriend for more reason than i can list but mainly for putting up with me :P

Favourite animated gif:
Show me more!
— What brought you to the Canary?
— Waves, weather and a more outdoors lifestyle
Photo credit: Antonio Del Toro Sánchez
— How did you get to start working remotely?
— I started by creating a website for my own surf media a long time ago, that sparked an interest in web design and development. After a few failed business ideas i created a general bodyboarding media website which i sell advert space on.
—What are the three items you always bring with you when you travel?
— Bodyboard, Fins, Laptop.
— What's the craziest story that has ever happened to you when you were traveling?
— I nearly got hit by a waterspout / tornado in SW France.
— What's your inspiration when you don't feel motivated to work?
— A quick scroll through my media sources or recent messages usually get me moving again.
— You work from home - do you have any established routine and what is it?
— I don't have a routines as i work whenever the news/media is released. I probably refresh Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Youtube around once every 30 minutes throughout the day waiting for the next story or video etc to drop.
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