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March, 26 2017
Digital Nomads in Gran Canaria
How many digital nomads are there in Las Palmas? Is Gran Canaria really to become a remote work destination?

Carlos Hernandez is the founder of Quaderno, Topical Saas meetup and Gran Canaria Digital Nomads community.

Let's see what's his perspective!
I'm managing the facebook group Gran Canaria Digital Nomads. We are almost reaching the 2000 people now.
Carlos Hernandez
Digital Nomads Gran Canaria
— Carlos, how big is Gran Canaria digital nomads community from your perspective? Do you have any numbers to share?
— It's getting more and more popular, we started a project 3 years ago, the idea was to create a digital nomad community in Las Palmas.

In the beginning we had between 10 to 15 attendees during the meetup, while now, 3 years later, we are more than 50 people per meeting. I'm managing the facebook group Gran Canaria Digital Nomads and I can tell you that we are almost reaching the 2000 people now.

It really gives you a good perspective on how big the community is in terms of popularity and how many people are interested in the island. And this number keeps increasing, basically every week and almost every day new people want to come here, ask some tips to prepare their trip for the coming months with us here.

Las Palmas is definitely a really nice spot for digital nomads.
Do you see any remote work trends? What jobs people usually do? Are there more entrepreneurs or remote employees?
— I think most of them are freelancers who mainly work in writing and marketing industries and obviously the developers, so those 3 are the most common profiles.

Remote workers are also people who want to travel while working for their company. It's definitely a trend nowadays and I guess it's something that will increase in the coming years.

This is also the case for traditional companies, one of their goal is to meet up and work all together in a remote place.

There are also a lot of micro-entrepreneurs, people who start their own business and want to live this kind of life. Working & building businesses while you're traveling all around the world.
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— For you - who's a typical digital nomad? What do all digital nomads have in common? Are digital nomads coming to Gran Canaria different from those who are living and working in Asia?
— I don't think there is any big difference between a south asian traveler and the one who is coming to Gran Canaria. But here is what they usually have in common, they all love traveling, exploring and discovering new cultures, trying new foods and learning languages.

Usually they are mainly looking for an untraditional path regarding work because their biggest asset is freedom, the possibility to do whatever they want whenever they want. Thoses are the main characteristics of digital nomads in my opinion.
Working & building businesses while you're traveling all around the world.
— Let's talk about Quaderno, your SaaS project. When you hit the road, how do you manage it? Do you have any tips for other remote entrepreneurs?
— I really try to keep my morning routine, I mean the rhythm I usually have home in Las Palmas, so basically once I wake up, I prepare the breakfast and hit the work immediately afterwards . At noon I take a break and use that time for grocery shopping. I'm really focusing on having a normal local life even when I'm abroad.

During the afternoon/evening I'm going to interesting spots nearby and during the weekend I'm mainly focusing on organizing trips and discovering new places.

I simply don't want to do the touristy stuff, I'm mainly focused on discovering the local life, culture and meeting new people and other digital nomads living in the city as well. In my opinion, changing cities every couple days is really stressful and you won't have any time left to live the local life while it's the most important for me.

My goal is definitely not about visiting as much as possible into a short term. It's so stressing after a while.

To summarize, I'm really into having a life balance between my work and my hobbies. Because if you start on planning many trips you will end up on not working anymore and having issues with work.

Why being in a rush when you could work 5 to 6 hours a day and keep enjoying your travel spot.
"Las Palmas is definitely becoming the place to be for digital nomads"
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— I have a last question here regarding your vision about Las Palmas and the international digital nomad community. Currently Chiang Mai is the #1 spot to visit while working remotely, do you think Las Palmas may one day be at the podium?
— It could be, as I previously said it's getting more and more popular, we have many digital nomads coming mainly from Europe because they have direct fly and it's cheap. On the other hand you also have people from Usa, Canada, Asia whom started to come as well. So yeah definitely, we actually have already been the #1 spot on nomadlist during few weeks. Las Palmas is definitely becoming the place to be for digital nomads.
Carlos Hernandez
Founder of Quaderno, Tropical Saas, administrator of Gran Canaria Digital Nomads Facebook group & organizer of monthly meetups for digital nomads in Las Palmas
Photocredits: Carlos Hernandez
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