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September, 27 2016
Islanders: Alex Marchenko
Alex is a professional islander and a digital nomad with taste: having lived all over South-East Asia, he moved to Las Palmas for 3 months, for as long as his visa allows. Running a headhunting and HR consulting business with Avalon Chase and a career consulting startup project Raise.Guru, Alexey lives in downtown Las Palmas.
I have always liked the idea of living on an Island close to Europe, so Canary was a natural choice.
I know a lot about…
Headhunting, Recruitment & HR and career development

I need help with…
Learning video production

Secret superpower
If I really focus on finding a solution or something I can always find the best option

Backup career
No backup career, just hobby - photography, plus I'm planning to add filmography to it

Remember without effort
Tiger Tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night

If I had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, I would you teach...
How to compose a great CV and pass the interview for your dreamjob

I most admire...
Positive people who are in love with the world

Favourite animated gif:
Show me more!
— What brought you to the Canary?
— I always liked the idea of living on an Island close to Europe, so Canary was a natural choice.
Photo credit: Alexey Marchenko
— How did you get to start working remotely?
— I used to have my own recruitment agency back in Moscow but in 2015 I sold my share to my partners and decided to go online since that time. Now I have the same agency, the only difference is everyone is working online.
—What are the three items you always bring with you when you travel?
— Wallet, Backpack, Laptop
— What's the craziest story that has ever happened to you when you were traveling?
— I started my journey by doing the Camino de Santiago by bicycle. It was 1000 km and it took me & my girlfriend 3 week to complete.
— What's your inspiration when you don't feel motivated to work?
— A quick walk around the neighbourhood or a 10-minute tank-drum meditation.
— You work from home - do you have any established routine and what is it?
— I prefer to start my day with a coffee & breakfast, ideally in a cosy cafe, after that I'm going through all the e-mails and news and then dive deeper into work.
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