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May, 17 2017

5 ways to optimize your mindset

An asset that we tend to forget to talk about is the power of the mindset. Most of the successful people you might think will tell you that among the keys to reach success there are discipline and perseverance which automatically lead us to the Mindset. Inspired by Tony Robbins, Monika Mundell shares with us 5 tips to optimize your mindset.
1. Focus

We need to remind ourselves, frequently « what is my focus right? » because we tend to get sidetracked by bright shiny objects, and it's really important to not let yourself get sidetracked.

You want to achieve a goal, and in order to achieve it you need to remind yourself what are you focusing on and then you need to take these mini steps that lead you to your intermediary goal
2. « Obstacle terms » vs « Opportunity terms »
If you found yourself in a negative mindset you need to question whether you're thinking in « obstacle terms » or « opportunity terms ».

So how do you see the glass, half full or half empty?, if you're a half-empty kind of person, you need to switch your mindset over because if you don't see things as an opportunity then you are not gonna connect with the right energy and that energy will actually show through in your marketing in a way you show up, you will be thinking like « OMG I need more clients, more money, I'm stressing stressing stressing ! »

Where else if you show up with an opportunity based mindset you come across from a position of gratitude, because you're grateful for every subscriber, every sale you're making, you're grateful for every fan you have and when you're grateful, you have this amazing energy that just shines and sparkles and people will be attracted to you

You will be like a lighthouse, that attracts all the mods and it works, trust me, I've experiencing that in my business, it's so powerful.
3. Be connected with the meaning of your goal
(Because if your goal doesn't mean anything to you or emotionally, you're not gonna do the work).

So how important is the goal and why are you aiming for that goal. Find an emotional connection to that goal. Is it to help your children have a better schooling?

Is it for you to have that extra 1.000$ a month that allows you to buy some little luxuries?

You have to have an emotional connection to any goal in order to do the work

Otherwise, we are not gonna do the work.
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4. Ask for help
We have got to ask for help, and that's something really hard for, I've always been kind of like I got to do it, I don't really wanna pissed the people, because I feel like I'm (crouching at their face) but what I've learned since been at Restation for the last 2 weeks Is that it's actually great to get people's input And it helps me get peace of mind, because instead of wondering and questioning is this good enough I get the feedback instantly and then I have peace of mind. Yeah so don't be afraid to ask for help.
5. Take consistent focused action
It's the strategy behind achieving your goals so you have to break down your big goals into mini steps and so you have to work from the end forward.

What do you want to achieve it, what needs to happen for you to achieve that goal and what need to happen for you to actually get there?

So you look at the end result and then you break down these goals into actionable steps And finally, do it every single day!
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