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April, 06 2017

9 reasons why Gran Canaria is great for digital nomads

1. Digital nomad community

If you are looking for a partner to work on new projects or simply want to meet like-minded people who have a story and experience to share, you will be served.

Las Palmas is a great spot for fellow digital nomads and remote workers. Las Palmas was top-1 on Nomadlist for a number of weeks.
2. Subtropical climate
It's either spring or summer, so in other words, it's neither too hot, nor too cold.

We have very good weather especially in winter. Winter is the highest season in Gran Canaria!
3. Affordable Lifestyle

Probably one of the most important points.

First things first, let's talk about the flights, on average depending on the season and from which part of Europe you are coming from, the prices will be between 60€ and 200€.

Once landed, you will quickly notice that Las Palmas is quite cheap compared to other European cities such as Barcelona or Madrid in Spain.
More details on cost of living in Las Palmas: FAQ
4. Friendly people

We will never say it enough, but locals are so welcoming and helpful - not only digital nomads!

They're literary proactive in their approach don't be surprised if a stranger greets you or comes to help when they notice an invisible questionmark above your head.

5. All landscapes included

This is probably the most interesting part, if you usually live in a city center well this island will blow your minds since it's offering all kinds of landscape from the beach lover to the hiking one…

The island is quite small but rich in her nature, every island has its specificity.
6. Lots of events and activities the entire year
If you like festivals, here are the most famous: International film festival, Jazz festival, Opera festival, Classic music festival and Theater festival.

But we can't talk about an event without mentioning the most important one on the island: Carnival. We literally celebrate it for more than a month!

And obviously the weekly meetup events where you can network, improve your Spanish or simply share a drink and tapas with locals and people from all around the world.

Digital Nomads Gran Canaria community is also very active.
Get your space at Restation coliving
Planning a trip to Gran Canaria soon? Make sure you're staying in the core of the comunity!
7. Urban beach

Las Palmas has one of the most amazing urban beaches in Europe, it's surrounding the capital so you won't need to take any public transports to get to the beach.

Many remote teams relocate to Las Palmas for the sake of it. Digital nomad life in its' essense starts here: walk for three minutes and reach the wave.
8. Active life paradise

Whether you're a sport addict or a beginner, the island has many activities to offer.

From taking a surfing class to running along the beach, working out, biking and taking cross fit or yoga classes.

The weather, the view and the facilities are here to make you the fittest version of yourself.
9. Nightlife

It's great to party in! There are many things to do during the night, and not only during the weekend.
Welcome to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Whether you are a digital nomad, remote working employee or a tourist and need to escape the routine looking for inspiration while staying productive, Gran Canaria is the answer.
Photocredits: Adnen, villiamlundgren, rafael_sacristan, hdnizsuarez
piece_0f_cake, Mashawonderland, juanvictorblanco,
gemeinsamzumerfolg, eduardoacostaestevez

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