Focus 55
55-hour productivity marathon
Focus 55 is an regular event at Restation that brings together entrepreneurs, freelancers and productivity fans.
Within 55 hours each participants works on one big project that would normally take a month to complete.
The key is to focus and reach that goal.
No matter what you do, you definitely have this one idea that you never had time for: write a book, remake your personal website, develop this prototype or challenge yourself in some other way. All Focus 55 projects are business-related, and each one impacts the life of its' owner. Typically, the impact can be measured in cash or any other financial metrics. Simple.
Explore Focus 55 projects
Watch the video to get an idea what our residents are working on!
What makes Focus 55 special?
Accountability Group
For the 55 hours you work with a group of other participants who are as dedicated and result-driven as you
Peer support
With the help of collaboration techniques we make sure we learn from each other during the course of the sprint
You have to report on your progress every day.
Peer pressure
We all help each other, but we also push each other to achieve more
Follow up
Scheduled follow-up after the marathon
want to join?
Get on board for the next edition!
It's free if you're Restation Coliving resident.
You can still participate even if you're not staying with us.
Participation fee for non-residents: 49 EUR
Headquarters: c/Lucas Fernandez Navarro 32, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain | E-mail: | 0034 673-23-80-43