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"Bleisure" Boom
Mixing business with pleasure
We had a chat about tourism tendencies with Alex Guide, tourism consultant: Alex is sharing his perspective on what's Bleisure boom in 2017 and why it's growing
Recently you'll have become aware of the vast technological developments that have enabled the tourism industry to evolve in new and different directions. We've reached such a point where it's now possible to combine work and travel. This is the era of the 'Bleisure Boom' and 'Digital Nomads.'

New technologies have not simply made planning a trip much easier than it was in the past. Nowadays it's possible to be connected even on the most far-flung corners of the globe! In the modern world, travelling and working go hand-in-hand. Times are changing in the tourism sector - thanks to technological advances, professionals from all over the world are now able to work in almost any location with only a few basic connectivity requirements. Trends in tourism are bringing us closer to models of travel popular amongst so-called 'digital nomads:' a group of people inspired by technology and new ways of working, who refuse to turn their back on their passion for travel simply because of their job.

Digital nomads benefit from the freedom technology offers them to live and work all over the world. Far from being tied to offices with fixed geographical locations, they work whilst travelling. To not beat about the bush, they're free to carry out their professional activities wherever they like! This is exactly the philosophy so many professionals now subscribe to as part of their lifestyle: mixing work and pleasure, foregoing neither travel nor a stable job. Community managers, journalists, bloggers, photographers and designers are amongst an increasingly lengthy list of professionals who are able to afford themselves the luxury of changing location whenever they fancy.
Digital nomad essentials: a desk, a comfy chair and a high-speed internet
More and more destinations are equipping themselves for the arrival of digital nomads by providing special facilities and resources.
More and more destinations are equipping themselves for the arrival of digital nomads by providing special facilities and resources. Such establishments offer perfectly adapted services which enable travellers to operate out of an 'rucksack-office,' carrying out their professional activities exactly as they would at home. Bars, restaurants, co-working services and hotels are embracing this tourism trend, making all the necessary alterations to be able to offer their services to an increasingly specialised traveller. Moreover, the philosophy of independence to which 'digital nomads' subscribe encourages them to search for destinations which specifically cater for such a unique type of traveller.

Nowadays it's easy to find centres which, more than just providing work spaces, combine all the requirements a professional could possibly have: places to sleep, have meetings and undergo training. You don't have to look hard online to come across specialised work centres which offer the three things that are so important to a 'digital nomad': a perfectly comfortable desk, an idyllic location in which to relax and switch off from the day, as well as events which encourage networking and connect professionals with one another… Sounds like a dream to me!

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